5 Creative Ideas For Influencer Marketing That Will Generate Leads

5 Creative Ideas For Influencer Marketing That Will Generate Leads

Brands that succeed with influencer marketing have made it an essential component of their digital marketing services. As a highlight of the social media marketing that still floods the internet, influencer marketing opens up opportunities for brands to raise brand awareness, explore valuable partnerships, boost sales and facilitate other digital marketing elements such as SEO.

 Influencer marketing is a powerful tool. Thus, marketers are interested in promoting their brands among followers of popular social media influencers. The questions that arise while planning effective influencer marketing strategies involve ‘who should I choose among millions of famous people?’ and ‘how can I proceed with the campaign effectively?’

Hence, we have compiled types of the influencer marketing campaign to help you answer such questions:

Host Giveaways Contests

A giveaway campaign is one of the most common and popular influencer marketing campaigns as it comes with simplicity and manual benefits. In this technique, you supply influencers with the products or services that they give away to their followers.

Giveaways act as a boaster to elevate the numbers of retweets, shares, likes, comments and follow-ups. If the influencer’s audience is greater than yours, it will generate a great return on investment. Potential consumers get the opportunity to earn your product for free, while others feel the urge to buy your product in case they do not win the giveaway contest.

However, this technique can lead to the risk of fake followers. These people are following you only for the product and not for the likes of your brand. They will leave once the contest is over. Hence, make sure that the giveaway post mentions a clear procedure of selection of winners.

It will prevent followers from leaving aggressive and offensive comments. It would be best to prepare yourself to deal with the profiteering and allegations that may affect your brand.

Surprise the Audience with Social Media Takeover

When an influencer uses your social media channels and shares content for a set period, it is called social media takeover. This period usually lasts for a day, but some brands continue it for weeks in case of a special occasion.

You provide influencers with the security information of your brand’s social media accounts, such as passwords. Hence, this type of influencer marketing campaign takes up a high level of trust between you and the influencer.

Learn The Art of Affiliate Marketing  

In case of a low budget, affiliate marketing will help you. This technique facilitates you to work with multiple influencers at a low cost. Surprisingly, your influencers also benefit from this strategy alongside you. They earn a commission from sales generated through their sources.

Influencer, acting as an affiliate marketer, promotes the product onsite and redirects customers to your website. For instance, suppose you are operating an e-commerce clothing and fashion accessories store. You can provide influencers with a unique promotion code which they share with their followers. With each promotion code used on your website, influencers get a commission, and you get a sale.

Sponsored Social Media Content and Blog Posts

Sponsored posts are simple and classic. It is the most popular type of influencer marketing strategy. It is essential because there is a risk of your content not generating leads despite how good the content is. Therefore, influencers enter the picture of publicizing your content.

Your SEO services Dubai turns sponsored posts into brand sponsors that influencers create to promote the brand and its products. You must provide influencers with guidelines, expectations and themes concerning your brand, so they understand what you want them to do.

As influencers are active on their social media accounts and some have their blog website, you can boost your brand image through their channels by collaborating with reliable and well-known influencers.

Unbox That Gift

This influencer marketing strategy involves your brand sending its products and services as gifts to influencers. Offering gifts is a brilliant start to a long-term relationship between your brand and influencers. In return, influencers record unboxing video content on Reels or go live. Others can simply review their experience on social media. It is called product seeding.

Influencers show their followers their unboxing experience and take them on a virtual customer journey with them. As a response to influencers’ opinions and reviews, the audience determines whether they want the product or not.

The Takeaway

Influencer marketing possibilities are endless. As an influencer’s review has a significant impact on customers’ buying journey, your brand has the chance to navigate the brand image and tell the story in their way. A reputable lead generation Dubai will exploit these possibilities and help your brand connect with customers.


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