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In today’s digital-driven world, having a visually appealing website is more than a necessity. Even users like to visit websites that are well-structured and beautifully designed. Fortunately, the current technology and availability of web designing tools have made it possible for anyone to build a stunning website. 

If you a web design agency looking for a perfect design tool to create a visually stunning website, you will find it easier after reading this blog. 

In this guide, we will be discussing the 10+ essential web designing tools for a Web design agency, alongside what to consider while choosing the best among them. 

7 Essential Tools Every Web Design Agency Should Know

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a renowned raster graphics editor and a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. It has become a go-to tool for web design agencies. Initially launched as photo editing software, Adobe has evolved into a fully-featured web designing tool. 

It offers various editing capabilities like spot healing, dodge or burn, and frequency separation. The software comes with a 7-day free trial, and then you will have to upgrade to the paid version – Monthly at $31.49/month and Yearly at $20.99/month.


  • Neural Filters
  • Sky Replacement
  • A large variety of brushes
  • Content-Aware Fill
  • Layer masks
  • Feedback and collaboration


  • Resource-heavy
  • Expensive
  • Steep learning curve

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud that is based on Vector and helps in creating web design solutions like illustrations, logos, icons, banners, and design packaging. The tool is available for both Windows and macOS. 

The tool consists of graphic points, curves, and lines that use mathematical formulas rather than pixels. This enhances its capabilities for image resizing, which allow you to scale the graphics without quality compromisation. 

There is a 7-day trial period for using the tool, which can be upgraded to a paid version – Monthly at $31.49/month and Yearly at $20.99/month. The tool offers access to the Adobe help center and supports the community, Behance, Adobe Stock, Adobe Fonts, Creative Cloud libraries, and Adobe Exchange. 


  • Geometric shape manipulation tools
  • Adobe Capture
  • Charts and Data Merge
  • Image Trace
  • 3D panel
  • Intelligent recoloring


  • Heavy resource requirements
  • Expensive
  • Steep learning curve

Affinity Designer

Affinity is an advanced graphic editor trusted by a number of web design agency. The tool allows web designers to create graphical designs like concept art, logos, and mockups of user interfaces. It is part of Affinity programs, which also include Affinity Publisher and Affinity Photo. 

The tool provides a dual benefit of vector and raster web designing tools in the same project. It allows single-click switching between two workspaces. Its one-off payment system makes it a more cost-effective option than other subscription-based web designing tools. Additionally, there is a 10-day free trial available to test the tool before making a payment. 


  • Fast performance
  • 1,000,000%+ zoom feature
  • Color control
  • Advanced grids and guides
  • Linked symbols
  • Live pixel preview
  • Typography tools


  • Limited document compatibility
  • Lack of permission control for editing 
  • No option for merging vectors into one layer


Procreate is a rater-based web designing tool designed specifically for iPad and iOS. The tool helps in creating illustrations, paintings, sketches, and animations. 

Its key feature includes Brush Studio, which allows users to create custom brushes or customize default ones. For instance, you can create unique brushstroke effects using the app’s Dual Brush feature. 

Procreate tool is exclusively available for iPad users, its other version – Procreate Pocket, was designed for iPhones. Despite the unavailability of the trial period, Procreate still emerges as one of the most affordable options for web design agency. Its pricing plans start from $9.99 and $4.99 for Procreate and Procreate Pocket, respectively.


  • Extensive brush library
  • Fast performance
  • Color control
  • Animation tool
  • Special effects 
  • FacePaint tool 
  • Typography tools


  • Only available for Apple devices 
  • No vector capability
  • A limited number of layers


Webflow is a new yet popular web development platform that offers an online visual editor for designing, building, and launching websites. It allows you to control HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and transform the semantic code into customized websites. 

The tool enables to use HTML elements for total control. Additionally, there are in-built tools that can help design complex elements like background videos and elements. 


  • Activity dashboard 
  • Calendar management 
  • Scroll-based animation 
  • Campaign management 
  • Auto update 
  • Multi-step animation 
  • SEO controls 
  • Activity tracking 


  • Image compression is available manually only
  • The CMS limit is low 
  • Steep learning curve


Lunacy by Icons8 is a vector graphic design software for UI, UX, and web design. It is designed by and for designers, with a focus on workflow optimization and minimal distraction. It offers AI tools and built-in graphics to enhance your design process. It works both online and offline, offering you flexibility in your work environment.

You can use the Arc editor to create pie charts and other circular elements, edit stars and polygons with on-canvas controls, and adjust shape colors and layer order automatically. It also updates duplicated content automatically, but you can turn this off if you want.

Lunacy is a free software with a rich set of features that support solo and collaborative design projects. It helps you stay in your creative flow with AI-powered tools that reduce routine tasks and increase efficiency and productivity.


  • Compatibility and Integration
  • Auto Layout Feature
  • Auto Layout Feature
  • Prototyping
  • AI-powered tools
  • Cross-Platform Support 
  • Real-time Collaboration


  • Limited Free Assets


Figma is a web-based design tool for web design projects such as wireframing, prototyping, and creating user interfaces and experiences. It enables real-time collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on the same file at the same time. 

It also facilitates communication between different teams involved in the design process. Users can access the free Starter plan with limited features or upgrade to one of the premium plans – Figma Professional for $12/editor/month or Figma Organization for $45/editor/month, both paid annually.


  • Team project management tools 
  • Interactive prototypes 
  • Auto Layout
  • Plugins


  • Must have an internet connection


Above, we have listed a few web designing tools that every web design agency should know. Consider researching these tools before finalizing one. We have listed the pros and cons of each tool to help you make a more sound decision

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