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Bresaola (breh-zoe-lah) is a lean dry salted red meat from Valtellina, an extended alpine valley in the Lombardy area of northern Italy. It is crafted from beef, venison, or horse meat now and again, but, peak-rounded and comparable cuts of pork max are not uncommon. The cured meat is normally very thinly sliced ​​and served as an antipasto.

Bresaola is Italian meat this is thinly sliced ​​and served cold or at room temperature. Bresaola has an IGP trademark (Protected Geographical Indication) that limits its manufacture most effective to licensed grasp butchers within the Lombardy surrounding region.

Compared to many different kinds of cured meats, bresaola may be very lean, because it is prepared with miles of uncooked muscle and any extraneous fats are removed earlier than curing. Bresaola is like lean prosciutto made with pork in preference to red meat and is slightly paying homage to pastrami in phrases of taste. It is exceptionally similar to Switzerland’s Bündnerfleisch and Viende des Green, although it is extra sensitive and greater delicate than the 2 of them. It is sliced ​​too skinny for serving.

Bresaola is often offered at Italian delis or butchers prepared to serve. It can also be made domestic if the proper situations are a gift for air drying for a few months. It expenses nearly similar to other excellent Italian meats – a better charge than your standard lunch meats.

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A Way To Prepare Dinner Bresaola

Since bresaola is a dry, cured meat, it would not want to be cooked. It is excellently served thinly sliced, both gently chilled or at room temperature. If mincing at home, use a perfectly sharp knife to shave into skinny slices.

To make bresaola at home, grass-fed red meat (many one-of-a-kind cuts are used) is reduced from all fats after which rubbed with salt and spices earlier than being refrigerated for numerous days. . It is then hung to air dry for months. Spices can range but often include black pepper, juniper berries, cinnamon, cloves, and garlic. The final product is much less fatty than prosciutto and barely strong, with a deep red color and a sensitive, aromatic taste.

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What Does Bresaola Flavor Like?

Bresaola is lean meat, it’s miles a long way less fatty and mild in flavor than prosciutto. It is salty with hints of spices which include garlic, black pepper, and juniper. Like maximum cured meats, it has a totally meaty flavor. Bresaola made from horse meat or venison is powerful, dark, and barely sweet in taste.

Bresaola Vs Prosciutto

Bresaola and prosciutto are each cured Italian meats that often seem on antipasto platters. Prosciutto Crudo, which Americans understand honestly as prosciutto, is made using the lower back leg of a pig, even as bresaola is commonly made using a lean reduction of red meat. Beyond the distinction in meat, prosciutto has a strong, pork-ahead flavor. Depending on its age, it’s miles extra often a salty and lighter sweet. The bresaola has a slightly there medium taste with a touch of spice.


Bresaola is normally crafted from pork, however, may be made with lean cuts of pork, venison, or horse meat. These versions are not frequently discovered outside of Italy. Pork bresaola has the featured taste of cured beef, even as venison and horse meat are gamy. Different manufacturers of bresaola could have slightly unusual spice blends, revealing the first-rate taste.

Bresaola Recipe

Bresaola may be at the high-priced aspect, however, a touch goes an extended way. It ought to be served sliced ​​paper-skinny, with 1 ounce protecting a 10-inch plate—almost ideal for an unmarried serving.

The lean, cured meat is especially perfect whilst drizzled with greater virgin olive oil and sparkling lemon. Serve sliced ​​bresaola with Italian cheeses, olives, and nuts as a part of an antipasto platter. It pairs wonderfully with a fresh arugula salad and a salty cheese like Parmesan. Or make a no-cook meal of bresaola, crusty bread, and salad for the summer season. The bresaola is likewise scrumptiously wrapped atop freshly cooked pizza or focaccia.

Where To Shop For Bresaola?

True Bressaola from 1930 to 2000 inside the U.S. Changed into sold inside. No longer imported. It is pretty unknown to maximum Americans as compared to the Italian cured meats that include prosciutto. Look for bresaola at Italian markets and delis as well as online. It is served as a complete portion of raw, cured meat, or greater generally already sliced ​​thru the pound. For a top-notch revelry, take a look at our “Bresaola della Valtellina.”

Garage Bresaola

Like maximum cured meats, low-wrapped bresaola entire or sliced ​​will preserve for several months in a groovy, darkish location. Once opened, wrap tightly and preserve within the fridge every week. https://biz-strategy.ae/


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