Asana vs Quickbase – How to Organize Projects and Tasks

Asana vs Quickbase - How to Organize Projects and Tasks


Project teams are recommended to update their organizational habits and methods every year. Despite being one of the top resolutions for companies and individuals, there is a lack of initiative. Asana demo can show users how they can sort, plan, and monitor their tasks so they are always meeting their targets or deadlines. It has several features and functions that help users accomplish goals. This article outlines some of the ways teams can use Asana project management software to make their life better.

Check the Inbox and Pending Tasks First Thing

The best way to stay organized is by creating a specific schedule and sticking to it. One of the most effective practices is to begin every workday by checking the inbox and pending tasks on the Asana demo. This way you can get all the notifications out of the way and also plan how you will spend the next few hours.

The software has a My Tasks section that can be used to organize work. Users can sort them with the help of filters which means they will be sorted according to task type, scope, priority, or any other label. The inbox is where all notifications such as reminders, alerts, messages, and other prompts are sent.

Once you have acted on a notification, the best thing to do would be to archive it so there is less clutter. Users should also create follow-up tasks or reply to messages right away to prevent anything from falling through the cracks.

View the Key Information with an Overview

When teams land a new project, they need to spend some time trying to make sense of the plan and objectives. Asana demo provides users with four different types of project views which make it easier to manage work and execute tasks. It serves as a home base for the planning and organizing of all relevant activities.

The project overview combines all the relevant information on a single screen and adds context to ensure all team members are on the same page. It allows users to share information, plan project briefs, assign roles to stakeholders, and remind each other about upcoming milestones. All the teams have to do is complete the overview at the beginning of the project.

New users or collaborators working on the project can navigate to the overview and get all the information they need to get started on their tasks. It is updated frequently with the latest status updates, current activities, and any changes to the objectives, so users do not have to refer to their emails or activity feed every time.

Automate Routine Tasks

One of the major reasons projects are often mismanaged is because the employees are wasting their time on tasks that could be handled by a computer program. The average employee might spend the majority of their time performing clerical tasks instead of focusing on the bigger picture. To increase productivity teams need to rely on Asana project management to take care of specific matters. They can set up a few rules to reduce the workload for team members and launch actions automatically.

Teams can use several different rules to make sure that the Asana demo takes care of the work. It can assign tasks to the appropriate person based on their type or label. There are also custom fields that can be used to give instructions to the program to carry out specific actions. Tasks can be automated by setting up rules and the users need to define them based on trigger events. For example, every time someone creates a new task, it can be forwarded to the relevant department automatically.

The software can also automatically move tasks to other boards or change their status as soon as a specific person responds to it. Automation works very well with Kanban boards so users can track bugs or sprints with a glance. They can view the progress of each task and view team activity on a single screen. The program can move tasks up the column based on the defined rules and save teas a lot of time. They no longer have to edit the board manually and the team always has access to the latest updates.

See All Your Work with Portfolios

Those teams that are managing multiple projects might need to switch between different boards several times a day. However, Asana project management software provides an easier way to organize work and reduce the clutter with Portfolios. They help teams find all their work in one place and get insights from the entire group. Even if tasks are distributed across various projects, the software brings them all on one page.

Users no longer have to dig through files and search across boards to find what they are looking for. Managers can also view all the team information in one place. Asana demo makes it easier to organize cross-functional initiatives and manage complex processes. It provides an overview of the entire workflow and helps projects stay on track. This way there can be no missed tasks or deadlines because the user forgot to check the project board.

The bird’s eye view of every project status also reduces the risks associated with project management. Teams can always stay on top of their work and keep the project on track. There are also some features for workload management that help managers assign tasks according to the schedule of their members. Portfolios provide access to the workload and help everyone share what they are currently working on and when the estimated end date is. Since they know how much work everyone has on their plates, they can reassign tasks earlier than the deadline.


Many systems have been established in previous years to help rookie businesses. They allow users to create customized web apps on most systems to fulfill their requirements. The best thing is that no extensive programming knowledge is necessary.

QuickBase became one of the first companies to offer such services. This software is among the most reliable solutions. QuickBase software aids project teamwork and boosts business productivity. Above all, this tool boosts your company’s earnings.

What is Quickbase?

Quickbase is a low-code software development service that allows businesses to bring together data, workers, and processes in a unified cloud-based interface. Quickbase, unlike typical management software, makes it easy to create apps that are tailored to your specific needs.

Quickbase allows users to create applications to manage practically any workflow by commencing with templates or starting fresh using simple database competencies and point-and-click flexibility. You may also use Quickbase to collect data and information from your important systems, like ERP or CRM, and produce quality dashboards that update instantaneously.

QuickBase can be utilized in various ways, as demonstrated in the demo. On the other hand, this software is frequently utilized for project management, CRM, multitasking, and documentation. It’s comparable to Airtable in that it aims at improving the intelligence of tables and databases. QuickBase is, above all, highly business-friendly.

Thanks to the software, established app development companies are no longer required to tackle your business difficulties. QuickBase is also the smartest solution for organizations of all sizes and sectors to create unique apps. Instead of engaging in advanced and expensive solutions, you may optimize and automate operations with this software.

Quickbase Features:

Productivity and Sales:

QuickBase reviews praised the system’s ability to promote visibility, customization, and cooperation in the development phase. This tool efficiently decreases project work time from 2-3 days to just 3-4 hours.

It also allows for the standardization and complete automation of corporate processes. QuickBase makes it simple to acquire instilled reports and data allowance uploads. It makes it possible to improve the efficiency and reliability of your data. Furthermore, you can save money and avoid costly systematic errors.

Efficient UI:

QuickBase program has a visually pleasing interface. A basic stretch user interface is used to control the system. By creating a completely operational app, you can earn credits right now. The best aspect is that no prior coding experience is required to utilize the tool.

QuickBase will allow IT experts and other parties to work in perfect harmony. It allows users to easily prototype, launch, and test apps and workflows based on detailed requirements.


Quickbase Pipelines grants the quickest ability to link disparate systems and revolutionize how your info is used, discover new real-time insights, and continuously improve the components that make your company distinctive. Quickbase’s easy and simplifying drag-and-drop intuitive builder lets you create links in minutes.

Pipelines use an interactive visualization interface to pull the elements of your core functionality, making it simple to coordinate activity across a vast network of software. It helps you with several integrations related to your work so that you get access to them all through QuickBase software.


QuickBase enables you to design apps that are customized to your requirements. Your entire company will be able to access a single data depository. They can also use the platform to acquire, utilize, and share information meaningfully. It is the most valuable feature for your team. It allows everyone to collaborate through one tool, allowing them to fully utilize the tool and increase the effectiveness of their communication. Quickbase provides various tools to help you carry out your company and development strategies productively and profitably.

Finance Management:

You may construct a set of financial applications on QuickBase. These apps use systems to collect information, simplify procedures and permissions, provide authentic reports, and streamline other tasks. It will allow you to concentrate on more crucial duties like analytics and strategy development.

Stakeholders can receive on-demand additional insight into operational and financial data using interactive analytics, advanced filtration, and sorting features.


However, your staff can use cloud-based CRM software that is completely customized. In the centralized database, you may monitor contacts and manage their status. You may effectively stimulate your teammates with this unique software by emphasizing impending tasks, establishing auto-warnings and notifications, and showing real-time outcomes.

Quickbase Pricing:

When it comes to QuickBase cost, the system has three options. The Premier package costs $30 monthly for each user. It offers up to 20 individuals, 50 unique business tools, automated management, mobile device optimizations, and analytics and software integration. This strategy will work well as a commencement point for new teams.

On the other hand, the Platform plan begins at $1,920 each month. All of the features of the Premier plan are included in this plan. It also includes a connection with authentication and authorization control systems and several other useful features. This plan is ideal for businesses that need more management and security.

Finally, QuickBase, the top project management software, has an Enterprise plan that is completely customized. If you would like to use Quickbase, we highly advise you to test out the software, and you can sign up for a 30-day trial.

Quickbase Reviews:

We went through a survey where more than 200 verified Quickbase users rated it based on its performance and work capabilities. It was concluded that Quickbase managed to sustain 4.1 stars out of 5, which is definitely a huge and significant number. Thousands of clients globally use Quickbase software and trust it for its customer support and the considerable value it provides to its customers. The trust of its clients is the hallmark of Quickbase software, for which we highly recommend you to give it a try.

First, try the Quickbase demo, and if it complies with your needs, don’t worry about going for paid plans.


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