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How can you feel the presence of Allah inside you?  How do you strengthen your faith in Islam? The best way is to do Umrah. Umrah is holy worship that should be done wholeheartedly. Every year millions of Muslims step their feet on sacred sites. They have a common belief to show harmony and love in life. However, it is a great chance to explore the culture and traditions of KSA.  The majority of Muslims go to Umrah for showing their respect to Allah SWT. Thus, travelers buy Cheap Umrah Packages. It is an ideal way for traveling safely from my hometown to Makkah. All could be experienced to choose a better package. Now Rehman Tours helps to make simple choices in holy tours. So, we aim to give a high level satisfaction of in traveling to Muslims.

How Umrah is a beautiful journey for Muslims?

Many people are waiting for Umrah’s call. Seemingly, everyone wants to avail this chance once in a lifetime. Umrah is slightly different from Hajj. It is a Sunnah act and a small pilgrimage. Therefore, millions of Muslims travel to Makkah for doing Umrah.

Heading to Makkah is a big event. Muslims have to celebrate Islamic beliefs. Makkah and Madinah are prestigious places. These are considered heaven on earth. However, Muslims want to get mental peace and spirituality by visiting these sites.

Celebrating Umrah with family is already on the cards of UK citizens.  They just need to book a package from reliable partners. Hence, there is nothing better than to do Umrah with family. For starting this journey, you need to book Cheap Umrah Packages. It makes your whole trip relaxed and fair.

Umrah is prescribed Sunnah. But it is a non-essential tour. Many people start this tour by landing in Makkah. This city is a holy place for Muslims. It has holy Kaaba and Masjid Al-Haram. Makkah is a dense and restrictive site. We can find many hotels situated around Haram. Thus, we at Rehman Tours are linked with many hotels around the area.  We made the best possible efforts to save the unnecessary cost of traveling to Umrah from UK.

Get a lot of rewards

Ibadah that is performed whole-heartedly is the one which is going to be accepted and please Allah (SWT) and you are going to get a reward from it. The people who want to perform Umrah with their parents are the ones who are luckier than the others. This is because Allah (SWT) gives man the sanity to work that way. If you are performing Umrah with your elderly parents, you will get a lot of rewards. Allah (SWT) is pleased with this act if it is truly done with a lot of reverence. It has to be done wholeheartedly to have a full reward.

Get enormous satisfaction

There are certain acts performing which you feel like you have made the objective of your existence rightful. In them, the acts come at the top of the list in which you are successful in pleasing Allah (SWT) and also mankind. When this is about the closest relationships like parents, it becomes something that cannot go wasted in any way. This way, you get enormous satisfaction and this satisfaction is the result of a good deed as a result of which Allah (SWT) has put satisfaction and gratefulness in your heart. This can make you feel a better human being along with being a better Muslim.

What are the new Umrah visa requirements for Umrah from UK 2023?

The best thing is that they get a chance to become guests of Allah. So, Muslims should perform Umrah with love, care, and devotion to get Allah’s blessings.

What is the new rule for the Umrah visa?

  • UK residents can apply for E-via because the Saudi government announces new rules of travel to Makkah.
  • Recently, they introduce an efficient and fast electronic system for applying for an Umrah visa through a valid agent.
  • The approved agents go through a rigorous process to provide easy and fast services to UK residents.
  • With the issuance of E-visa services, the agents would not present themselves at the Saudi embassy to calculate via. Thu, pilgrims can obtain their visas from approved agents, so it is wise to check all the new rules set by the Saudi ministry.
  • The best thing is to avoid school holidays and peak timings for Umrah, so you can save money on flights, hotels, and transportation. So, you can ask for any advice at Rehman Tour and design your custom-made Umrah with us.

It is stated that the travel agency is responsible to provide better provisions to the pilgrims such as food, transportation, and accommodation. Travelers must download and get registered on the Eatmarna and Tawakallana apps designed by the health ministry of the KSA. Umrah agents make sure to submit a visa application for fully vaccinated people and inform them about proper precautionary measures. Therefore, the pilgrims also work with qualified agents who ensure to follow health protocols in Haram Shareef.

Rehman Tours Create Perfect Umrah Itinerary

Rehman Tours is an excellent choice for Umrah pilgrims. We have exceptional years of experience in the traveling field. Thus, we are providing an affordable Umrah itinerary. Now you can book easily Cheap Umrah Packages with us.

Rehman Tours is a popular online site for booking Umrah. However, our agents can book an affordable Umrah tour. We aim to facilitate the pilgrims with the best possible services. For many years, we craft personalized and group Umrah. Hence, our agents are here to make perfect plans for booking and reserving hotels.

If you want to explore your dream place, it could be simple with us. From personal to holy trips, we can manage everything. Our professional team is ready to guide the pilgrims with their best thoughts. So, allow us to make simpler Cheap Umrah Packages UK. You can avail the wide range of Umrah services within your budget. Try to grab some special discounts on unique tours.  Don’t forget to give your feedback on our Umrah services. We are the honorable and authorized name in the travel agency as we are offering the best Umrah/Hajj services at your disposal.  We are well aware of the rewards for sending Allah’s guests with the best possible services. Hence, if you are looking for the most trustworthy and reliable travel agency, then you are in the right place. We are the best option in many regards and offer the best services to carry out the righteous duties of Islamic obligations.

Our mission is to boost customers’ satisfaction level

We are a highly trustworthy and ever-growing travel agency that offers the best Umrah services with quality and reliability across the UK. Our honest and hardworking agents do their work honestly and try to boost the customers’ experience with our provided services.  We believe that our customer satisfaction is the main factor of our success. Hence, we always focus to offer the best Umrah/Hajj services as per the customers’ needs and demands. Our agents are operating their services and offer respectably and honestly as they still go to the customers’ satisfaction level. Throughout the year, we are sending many pilgrims for performing their religious rituals and boost their experience with our Umrah services.

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