Colonic Irrigation

Colonic Irrigation

Learn more about the Complete Colonic Irrigation FAQ - Questions and answers about Colon Hydrotherapy!

Learn more about the Complete Colonic Irrigation FAQ – Questions and answers about Colon Hydrotherapy!

How Do You Define Colon Hydrotherapy And Colonic Irrigation?

Colon Hydrotherapy, traditionally known as Colonic Irrigation, gently fills the colon with warm, sterile filtering water through a tiny rectal tube made of sterile. After it is time to flush the fluid away it is carried with it all the material that has accumulated into the intestine(colon) as well as toxic substances, waste matter and trapped gasses.

Do You Know Of A Specific Kind Of Water To Treat Colon Hydrotherapy?

Our water is highly filtered which is passed through two distinct filters prior to being heated to the proper temperature. This water can absorb and flushing out toxins of the colon thanks to its ability to draw particles chemical compounds and other things.

What Is The Difference Between Colon Hydrotherapy And From Enemas?

Enemas are a great way to clear out the rectal and sigmoid regions of the colon, which can extend up to 1ft. A series of Colon Hydrotherapy treatments can be used to cleanse and remove affected material from the entire colon, which is five feet long. In addition, Colonic Irrigation improves peristalsis, which helps the colon muscles to regain their tone and aids in the return of regular stool motions.

Can Laxative Achieve The Same Effect?

Laxatives flush the colon for a short time, but they cause irritation for the human body. The body then creates a watery, thin substance that travels through the colon, leaving behind waste and toxins that are impacted. Colon Hydrotherapy makes use of pure water and doesn’t cause irritation to the body. One of the greatest advantages is that it actually aids in hydrating the body.

What Do I Get From Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy isn’t an effective cure, but rather an effective method to aid the body in various colon-related ailments. Through re-toning the wall of the bowel and improving the function of the colon and functions, the entire body becomes better able to function.

How Can Toxins Build Up Within The Body?

The body accumulates toxic substances due to stress or consuming excessive acidic foods, like sugar white flour caffeine, alcohol.When the bowel is unnaturally acidic, it tries to defend itself by releasing a glyco-protein compound which lines the entire wall of the intestine. This is referred to by the name mucoid plaque. This molecule makes it difficult for your body’s system to take in nutrients and vitamins that could lead to chronic malnutrition.
If the bowel becomes contaminated it can contaminate blood which, then spreads the toxic substances to the lungs, heart and brain, as well as muscles, since it’s transporting nutrients to the body. At the end of the day, the liver has to handle the toxic blood and, after a long period of constant toxicity, it’ll slow down until it can cease to function. In this stage, toxic substances will begin to accumulate within other areas of the body. It is where they accumulate. All in all, cleansing allows you to eliminate mucoid plaque to strengthen your bowel and liver, and also protect your body from the effects of disease.

What Is A Healthy, Well-Functioning Bowel Looks Like?

If one is feeling the need to get rid of oneself and then immediately honors the desire by making going to the toilet it is fast and painless. It can feel completely complete. The stool ranges from light to medium brown and have a mild scent and break in water.

How Many Movements Per Day Is A Healthy Bowel Able To Have?

A healthy bowel can have between two and three bowel movements per day according to what you consume.

How Many Sessions Are Suggested?

We can provide a customized treatment plan that is best suited to each patient’s specific condition and requirements. Check out our treatment plans section.

What Is The Time Required To Complete An Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment?

It is recommended to allow 2 hours for your first visit and one hour for the lifestyle consultation and an hour for the first treatment. It is recommended to allow an hour for each visit thereafter.

Is It Possible To Receive Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment While Suffering From Menstrual Cycles?

Colon Hydrotherapy is perfectly safe during this period, and can reduce constipation and cramps that come with menstrual flow.

How Is Colonic Irrigation Affecting The Bacteria Balance In My Body?

Colonic Irrigation is not able to remove all bad or good bacteria out of your body. Once the toxins have been eliminated out of the colon beneficial bacteria can have a better environment that allows for their reproduction and multiplication, thereby creating a healthy balance of bacterial activity.

Are There Signs And Signs Or Symptoms We Should Be Aware Of When We First Start To Eliminate Toxic Substances And Cleanse The Colon?

If a diet that is based on stimulants like alcohol, tea, coffee, and sugar is eliminated from your daily diet some clients report suffering from problems with their headaches or flu or sometimes, mild depression. When they are in the middle of a detox cleanse, Colon Hydrotherapy can help flush contaminants eliminated from the body Thus, Colonic Irrigation is suggested with back sessions for the first two weeks.

What Are The Reasons Why Symptoms Or Signs Appear?

This is because the body is flushing out toxic substances that are eliminated from tissues, and later transported through blood to the liver before being carried on to the colon to eliminate.
All symptoms usually disappear after at least the fourth or third session. Clients frequently comment on their improved energy levels following two sessions.

Is Colon Hydrotherapy Becoming Habit-Forming?

The truth is that Colon Hydrotherapy isn’t habit-forming. However one of the benefits that Colonic Irrigation offers is the strengthening of the colon muscle, which assists in maintaining and restarting regular colon movement.

What Can We Do To Tell If It Is Time To Empty The Colon?

The colon will likely never empty since it is an organ that is in constant use. Over time, the more affected substance is released, and clients complain that they feel the water move into the higher parts of the colon with no sensation of obstruction. The goal is not to have one with a vacant colon; but a functioning colon.

Are Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments Uncomfortable?

In the event of an affected colon, you might be a bit uncomfortable. There may be some cramping because the colon contracts to eliminate waste. After the main impaction has been eliminated, you will be able to enjoy the experience as pleasant and comfortably.

Is Colon Hydrotherapy A Source Of Embarrassment?

Your privacy and dignity are always maintained within our tranquil and relaxing personal treatment areas. In the course of your bowel movements, there’s no smell when you use the open Libbe Colon Hydrotherapy system.

Is Colon Hydrotherapy Safe?

Colon Hydrotherapy is safe provided there are no indications (see the section below) and you see an experienced practitioner who at a minimum, is certified in the field of Colon Hydrotherapy through one of the numerous associations around the world. We recommend having Colonic Irrigation in a medical setting, particularly in the case of constipation, bloating, or irritable intestinal syndrome, or suspect you may have digestive problems. There are several adverse effects and dangers should you not be a suitable candidate or if the treatment is not done correctly. This is by recommendations of The UK National Health Service NHS which can be found at the bottom of the page.

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