Desert Safari in Dubai – The Ultimate Attraction for Every Tourist

Dubai, the city of gold, is a tourist paradise on this planet. It is well known all over the globe due to its amazing monuments and skyscrapers. Whether you discuss the tallest building or biggest fountain on Earth, Dubai has them all. Apart from the biggest shopping malls and monuments, the Dubai desert, too, is the largest one in the whole world. The actual name of the Dubai desert is Ras al Khali or Empty Quarter desert. This is the world’s largest sand desert.

Ras al Khali in Dubai is not only the world’s largest desert but also offers the best desert safari in the world. Desert safari in Dubai is the ultimate attraction for tourists. It is impossible for tourists who stay in Dubai for more than 1 day and don’t go on a desert safari. You must be thinking about what is special about the Dubai desert safari. Why does the world get attracted to it? 

The only way to find the answer to these questions is to have a glimpse of all those things that the Dubai desert safari offers to tourists. Let’s have a look at all the fun and thrill waiting for you in the Empty Quarter Desert. 

What Makes Desert Safari Dubai Special?

Driving in the Desert

Driving in the desert will be great fun and a thrill. It would be a challenging thing as well to drive your car at high speed in this empty desert. You all know the desert has no confirmed routes or roads. Driving a Range Rover randomly in the desert will be a thrilling experience as this car is super suitable for such uneven and sandy paths. The best part of driving will be dune bashing. Seeing the shining sand particles revolving around your vehicle will give you some goosebumps.

Thrilling Rides

Dubai desert safari is well known all over the world for its amazing rides that will take you to a new realm of fun and jubilation.  There are various amazing rides that you can enjoy during your journey through this vast Arabian desert. Let’s have a look at some of the top-rated rides you can get there. 

  • The quad bike ride is the most amazing and mandatory in every desert safari in this marvelous and epic emirate. Driving and sprinting this special bike in the vast desert while dune bashing will double the fun and thrill of your journey. 
  • Riding traditional transport means in the vast Arabian desert will be a joyful activity. Horse and camel rides are the best rides that you will have during a desert safari in Dubai. Just imagine riding a  camel, ship of the desert, in the world’s biggest sand desert. Only imaginations are enough to force you to book your desert safari.
  • You can also get a chance to ride a hot air balloon. Seeing the beauty and charm of the desert from the top will be something really cool.

Beautiful Sceneries

During your journey through the desert, you will get a chance to view some extraordinarily beautiful scenery. Seeing the beautiful patterns made by sand mesmerizes you. However, the true beauty of nature will get exposed at the time of sunset and sunrise. When beauty gets mixed with calmness, it becomes extraordinarily amazing. Scenes of sunset and sunrise in the desert will capture you in their magic. You can get a chance to see the sunset in the day time and evening desert safari. However, if you want to witness the beauty of both scenes, then you must opt for an overnight desert safari.

Henna Tattoos

This feature of desert safari in Dubai makes it attractive for girls as well. Girls of every age can get Henna tattoos during the desert safari. The best part is that these tattoos are free of any cost.

Amazing Shows

If you opt for an overnight desert safari, you will get a chance to glimpse some amazing shows. Traditional belly dancing by expert dancers looks very attractive. Apart from that Tanura shows and fire shows are also very interesting.

Final Words

After knowing all the features of desert safari in Dubai, it must have become hard for you to stop yourself from enjoying all these fun activities. Book your desert safari and spend this weekend in the middle of the Empty Quarter Desert.


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