Creating Eye-Catching Designs for Large Format Printing in Dubai

Big, striking designs that assist to market goods and services may be made using large format printing. Large format printing is becoming more and more common in Dubai as a result of its accessibility and capacity to present impactful graphics. OBL Prints Dubai is a specialist in developing captivating designs for big format printing, assisting businesses in getting the most out of their endeavours with graphics that will appeal to their target market. With the use of distinctive colours, textures, and forms, businesses may use this printing technique to personalise the appearance and feel of their ads, signs, banners, wraps, and wallpaper.

Understanding Design Principles

A design technique known as “visual hierarchy” places components on a page or screen in ascending order of significance to make the most crucial information stand out. For big format printing, it’s crucial to take into account how the typefaces and colours will appear both up close and from a distance. While more muted tones may be more suitable for logos or pictures that need to blend into the backdrop, bold fonts and vivid colours will aid in making text stand out more clearly. When designing for big scale printing, contrast may also be employed successfully to provide visual interest and make important parts stand out more clearly.

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Selecting Materials

There are a few important factors to take into account when choosing materials for big scale printing. First, the material should be appropriate for the intended use, such as strong cardboard or vinyl for vehicle wraps or thin paper or plastic for posters and banners. Second, the material’s quality is crucial since it affects how long prints survive before fading or being harmed by the elements. Cheaper papers are usually enough for indoor usage, but to assure lifespan outside, it may be required to utilise harder materials, such PVC. Finally, it’s crucial to verify with your printer’s manufacturer before buying supplies since some inkjet printer types need particular media to create high-quality output.

The size and shape of the design should be taken into account while choosing the materials for big format printing. Larger objects like wallpaper require stronger sheets that won’t readily shred over time, as opposed to lightweight solutions like cloth banners, which can be simply hung up. Additionally, not all surfaces are acceptable for large-format printing, so it’s critical to choose the right substrate in advance.

Designing for Installations

It’s crucial to think about the surroundings and how your design will integrate into it while creating installations. For instance, weather-resistant materials like vinyl should be used when designing a mural or wall wrap for an outdoor area. Additionally, it is advisable to choose hues that go well with their environment. Before printing, measurements should be done to make sure that everything fits properly.

The intended application and location are taken into consideration while designing for signage, with outdoor signs needing stronger materials. Bolder fonts and straightforward colour schemes are both recommended. Before printing, wraps and wallpaper should be carefully considered since they provide the chance to create large-scale designs with powerful imagery. The interaction of various components is important because textures, patterns, and other features all contribute to a cohesive look.

Best Practices

A crucial design guideline that aids visitors in recognising the most crucial items on the page is visual hierarchy. Contrast may be utilised to highlight important components, and readable colours and typefaces are crucial. Additionally, organisations can produce long-lasting designs by knowing which materials are suitable for indoor or outdoor usage.

When employing large format printing, it’s crucial to pick durable materials and take colour palettes into account. Understanding how various textures and patterns interact with one another is essential for tasks like matching wall wrap colours with signs or matching wallpaper patterns with flooring. Prior to printing, care must be paid in selecting combinations that complement one another.


Dubai has several chances for companies to produce striking designs that will capture the attention of potential clients. Companies must comprehend visual hierarchy, use the best materials for each application, and take into account how patterns and textures interact when developing installations if they want to guarantee that their prints are of high quality and aesthetically pleasing. Companies may guarantee their prints are of excellent quality and aesthetically pleasing while maintaining brand identification across various surfaces by heeding the advice in this article.

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