4b hair

Do you know you have beautiful curls in you ? Doesn’t it feel good to realize that you are blessed with gorgeous curls? The pursuit to have [healthy, shiny, bouncy curls] is not a sin after all. And yet, in many cases, it is one of the toughest problems to solve. But you don’t have to worry anymore because I’ve got your back. I’m here to share with you my personal struggles with my curls and I’m gonna walk you through the strategies and steps that I’ve discovered that worked for me!

It is normal to be self-conscious about your 4b hair especially if you have curly hair. If you are one of the people who are mortified that your “hair is ugly”, then it is strongly advisable to start embracing your hair. It is very unfortunate that so many people are deeply insecure about their appearance and they just want to straighten their hair. Now, I am not encouraging you to embrace your 4b curly hair if you are not naturally born with them, but I am encouraging you to embrace your natural 4b curls.

How To Embrace Your 4b Curls

It all starts with a healthy diet. Make sure you are getting adequate amount of protein and healthy fats. Keep your caloric intake moderate. Include lots of fresh fruits, veggies and whole grains. Avoid meat and dairy products. Limit your salt intake to minimize water retention. If your diet is unhealthy, then no amount of hair products will help. I have seen a lot of curly hair girls on the Internet who have become popular because of their beautiful curls. I often wonder why I do not have curls, as I have followed almost all the suggestions they have given. Whenever I see other curly hair girls my envy comes out, but I’m gonna try to embrace my curls the best way I can. The same problem with my 4c hair. My hair is really coarse, super thick, and I have a lot of hair.

How To Embrace Your 4b Curls

I have learned to embrace my hair by completely getting rid of the idea that moisturizing your hair means that it’s silky and manageable. Because my hair is so thick, moisturizing my 4b 4c hair type has made it take forever to dry and hasn’t really helped with the tangling. Now I wash my hair every day because I would get a lot of build-up and didn’t like having to detangle everyday. I use Curl Junkie conditioning cleanser and use Shea Moisture’s de-tangling ghee as a leave-in. I style my hair by first finger detangling, then I use Indique hair products, and then I diffuse my hair. I’m not sure if this is what your doing, but it has helped me tremendously! It’s also worth mentioning that I found Best products on Indique Hair.


4b Curly hair is beautiful. It’s unique in it’s own way and you can do so much with it. You can have a curly pixie cut or wear your curls down and loose. You can even rock them with a bob for a more modern look. Curly hair is truly versatile and with the right cut, products, and techniques you can achieve any look you want. What’s great about having curly hair is that you can embrace your natural curls and rock them or you can straighten your hair and make it sleek. There are so many options and it’s fun to play around with them and see how you can change your look throughout the years.

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