Draw Fire

How to Draw Fire. Since the dawn of humankind, fire has fascinated us both as a precious resource and sometimes as a destructive force that can bring civilizations down.

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We have long been drawn to the warmth that fire gives and the beauty that it flashes before us.

If you’ve been intrigued by the mysteries of fire, you may have wondered if you could learn how to draw fire.

If that sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve created this step-by-step fire drawing guide in 6 easy steps to ensure you don’t burn yourself while learning to draw fire!

How to Draw Fire

Step 1

In the first step of our fire drawing guide, we’ll start small and build layers from there.

For this part, we will draw a curvy line shape that resembles a tadpole. This may not seem considerable now, but this will form the centerpiece of what will soon be a beautiful flame design!

Step 2

In the next step for drawing the fire, we will add another layer of fire. This layer will be larger than the first and have a lot more shape.

Using the reference image as a guide, you can see that some spiky sections match the more wavy lines. This makes it appear like the fire is flickering like a real fire!

Step 3

In step number 3 of this guide, we’ll add the most significant layer of fire drawing. This layer forms the same basic shape as the previous one.

The main difference is that it has less sharp aspects and is much more rounded. As you can see now, the more layers we add, the more it looks like fire!

Once you get the hang of drawing fire, you can add your touch to it by varying the look of the layers.

You can make some layers more or less rounded, have sharper tips, or brush in different directions to create a different look.

Step 4

It looks like a healthy fire but needs some depth, so we’ll address that in this step.

To do this, we’ll add two more flames to the side of the fire design.

Starting at the outer bottom of your fire, carefully draw two side pieces that are very pointed towards the top.

You can draw them precisely as they appear in the picture, but don’t be afraid to change their shape because fire never looks the same from one moment to the next! No matter how you do it, know it will be pretty awesome.

Step 5

Your fire drawing is almost complete. Just a few final touches! In this step, we will add some small flickering details.

To do this, you can tighten some conditions similar to the first shape you drew in Step 1.

You can place them as they appear in the image, but you can also change the placement to something that looks good.

There is no respectable or immoral way to add details like this, so experiment and add your touches!

Step 6

After adding those final details, you’re almost done!

You can see how adding the different levels and details has brought your drawing into focus, but it needs one more thing to be truly complete.

This might be the most fun of all the steps because now you can express your creativity with your colors!

We have shown one way to color it, but you should use your imagination when coloring your fire drawing.

Whether you stick to yellows, reds, oranges for your fire drawing or decide to use some of your other favorite colors, there are many ways to color it!

It can be fun experimenting with different mediums to create unique color variations.

Some examples could be acrylic paints, watercolors, and colored pencils as mediums you could use. Watercolors are perfect for this as they can give a much softer effect to an image.

Your Fire Drawing is Finished!

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