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In Vietnam, there are several sports websites. BongDa, 8X, YouSport, and Thao 247 are some of the most popular ones. These websites offer local sports news and information in the Vietnamese language. They also feature live scores and prediction games. You can find these sites in either Vietnamese or English.


If you’re a sports fan in Vietnam, you’ll want to subscribe to 8X casino trực tuyến news. This service provides live sports reports and a variety of other sports information, in both English and Vietnamese. Users can also book tickets to games with the site. To reserve tickets, users can pay a small amount as a booking fee. The site also has a refund policy and a credit system. Football is a big focus at 8X, with news on international and club football. The sports site also covers tennis and other sports. You can even access live scores, which will allow you to stay up-to-date.

The 8X website also offers news on all major sports events in Vietnam, including a schedule of Viet Nam boxing events. Fans can also place bets on which team will win the next match. Whether they’re betting on the winner or hoping for a surprise result, 8X’s website will provide the information they need to be successful in this growing market.


YouSport is the online storefront for sports gear and apparel in Vietnam. It offers delivery of products throughout the country. It also features live sports reports. Users can also place sports bets and play sports prediction games. The website also offers a schedule for upcoming Viet Nam boxing events. The sports industry in Vietnam presents an exciting prospect for sports brands. Smart brands can build relationships with Vietnamese super fans and sports media consumers.

Another popular sports media website in Vietnam is BongDa. This Vietnamese sports media site focuses on soccer, but covers other sports as well. It offers news, scores, video, and live reporting. Users can also enter predictions for games and win prizes. This sports media website is also a good place to find information about local soccer leagues.


The online sports news market in Vietnam is a huge one, and there are plenty of ways to tap into it. One of the most popular resources is 8X. This Vietnamese sports news site features a wide range of news and information on sports events across Vietnam, including live scores and betting games. Users can also play sports prediction games and get the latest information on Viet Nam boxing events. This presents a great opportunity for sports brands to connect with Vietnamese sports media consumers.

Thao 247 is a Vietnamese casino trực tuyến media portal that focuses on football. You can find news, information, and live reporting for football. The site has a large database of news on football, and users can access scores. Another Vietnamese soccer news website is BongDa, which offers local soccer leagues and soccer news. BongDa also features a live reporting feature and offers video content.

Hanoimoi, a Vietnamese table tennis club, sponsors an annual championship in table tennis. The tournament attracts over 300 athletes, who compete for 12 sets of medals. The Hanoi team has returned to the top of the league table following a 3-0 victory over SHB Da Nang. Coach Chun Jae Ho was impressed with the performance of skipper Nguyen Van Quyet.

Thao 247

Thao 247 is an online sports news service focused on football, but also covers other popular sports such as tennis. The website features live reporting, interviews, and video content. The site is staffed by vetted professionals, and provides a variety of Vietnamese-based sports news and information.

Park Hang-seo, a South Korean citizen, is one of Vietnam’s most influential football coaches. He has led the national team to record-breaking victories, including a second place finish at the 2018 AFC U-23 Championship and a win at the SEA Games.


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