Questions to ask your plastic surgeon before getting surgery

Questions to ask your plastic surgeon before getting surgery

Owing a good consultation will definitely ensure that you achieve exactly what you desire out of your surgery. Along with that, you must definitely ask a bunch of questions when you interact with your plastic surgeons in Dubai. As a rule of thumb, the greater the number of questions you ask, the better the consequences of your surgery will be.

Here is our list of the top questions you must ask any forthcoming plastic surgeon before agreeing on if she or he is the perfect healthcare practitioner to undergo your process:

1. Inquire if the plastic surgeon is board certified

Looking forward consultant to a doctor who carries no expertise can be dangerous. This is particularly true if the practitioner does not have the elated level of qualification or hands-on training in the domain of plastic surgery. This can not only lead to a fouled-up surgery, but it could also prove to be extremely deadly for the patient. Therefore, you must ensure that your surgeon is practically well-trained in plastic surgery by inquiring about them this particular question.

Understanding this about your doctor will make you aware that your surgery will be performed in a safe and ethical means.

2. Find out the place for the performance of the procedure

Certain procedures are carried out in a hospital. On the other hand, some procedures are carried out in an outpatient ambulatory center. Yet, other processes are routinely performed as in-office methods. The complicatedness of your process, as well as any health-related problems specific to your case (your overall health, age, etc.), should be taken into account when looking for where it would be best for your surgery to bring into practice.

3. The type of Anesthesia that will be utilized in the process

You must inquire from your doctor what type of anesthesia they will be bringing into the application. Both local and general anesthesia are reliable and safe. For example, local anesthesia can be a good choice if you are looking forward to a shorter recovery time and the technique you are getting is uncomplicated. Nevertheless, general anesthesia is a choice for longer techniques that need more complex surgical techniques.

4. Be aware of the possible risks involved in the procedure

Whatever comes under the umbrella of surgery, as well as medicine, has probable complications as well as side effects. It is usual for bruising, swelling, and discomfort of varying capacities to take place after surgery, and patients must be notified of them.

Complications may occur as a result, but that is a very rare case. The most regular complications of all surgical processes are infection as well as bleeding. Beyond these, each procedure carries its list of complications similar to that of anesthesia.

All ethical and competent healthcare providers keep their patients enlightened on these risks. Some are very simple to treat, while others may require further surgery.

5. Look out for before and after recent examples of patients

All competent facial plastic and general plastic surgeons will not hesitate to show before and after photos of their own patients who have provided them written permission to do so. Stock photos can be used, but it must be disclosed that the patients shown are not their own. All patients want to see photos of their surgeon’s work. What better way to see the quality of the surgeon’s outcomes?

6. Try to find out the accurate breakdown of fees for this entire process

Some individuals don’t realize that there’s a lot more to your total fee than just the surgeon’s fee. There are operating room fees, anesthesia fees, lab fees, and several other variables that can have a lasting impact on the bottom line. Seek a written breakdown along with the sum so you’re not confronting any hideous shocks when it’s all done and said.

The Final Word

So, online reviews can be relatively very beneficial when assessing the best aesthetic clinic in Dubai. Nevertheless, certain individuals may be disappointed about how a surgery turned out through no flaw of the surgeon and may leave a harsh review.

An illustration of this would be the case of someone who has inadequate healing after carryout out a process due to continued smoking, even if the surgeon has conveyed to the patient that smoking can inhibit proper healing and may lead to poor results. Therefore, asking these aforementioned questions can work best for your case.


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