Simple SponeBob For Kids Drawing

For Kids Drawing you know how to draw a rectangle, you can draw SpongeBob. To keep things simple, create a simple outline for this charming cartoon. Before putting on his smart collar and tie, draw in his slender arms and legs. For Kids Drawing You may go back and if you’d like, use colored pencils or markers to fill in the outline after you’ve made your favorite sponge.

Step By Step Drawing


  • Draw a vertical rectangle with wavy lines to represent the head. The rectangle ought to be the size of your SpongeBob figurine.
  • Approximately 1.5 times as long as the short horizontal lines should be drawn on the long sides. Instead of using straight lines, make the rectangle’s lines wavy and unequal.
  • Make the sponge head’s bottom somewhat narrower than its top.
  • The uneven rectangle has a sponge-like appearance.


  • Draw a rectangle at the base of the wavy rectangle. To illustrate SpongeBob’s body, draw a vertical line descending from each corner of the rectangle.
  • Make the lines about as wide as SpongeBob’s head. To connect the vertical lines, draw a straight horizontal line next.
  • Please do not cut it at the base of the skull where the wavy line joins the body.


  • Make a collar in the center of the bottom rectangle and tie it.
  • To illustrate the collar, draw two V-shapes along the wavy bottom line of the head. One of the V-shaped spaces between the 2 should be left open.
  • Draw a half-circle between the V-shapes and a pointed tie extending to the body’s bottom. To indicate the tie, draw a vertical diamond shape from the bottom of the half-circle to the bottom of the torso.


  • Draw a straight horizontal line and four rectangles below it to make the pants. Using a ruler, trace a straight line through the body’s midsection.
  • Try not to draw through the tie; if you do, undo it by removing the line. Below the waist, draw four thin rectangles and color them to create the belt.
  • Cut out two rectangles from the tie, leaving a gap between them.
  • The size of each area should be around one-fourth of a rectangle.


  • Use two rectangles and several extended vertical lines to represent the legs. The bottom of the pants is made up of two small rectangles that extend from the bottom of the waistline.
  • Make them around 50 percent SpongeBob’s pant length.
  • The distance between them should be shaped like a rectangle.
  • Next, construct two vertical lines that extend downward from each pair of pants to create an extremely slender leg.
  • Make the body and legs about the same size.


  • Draw a horizontal line along the middle of each leg to form a sock. Draw a short horizontal line that connects the leg’s vertical lines halfway down each leg. To add stripes and detail to the sock, add two horizontal lines below the top of the garment.
  • Make the top stripe blue and the bottom stripe red when coloring your drawing.


  • Create a horizontal figure-8 to represent a shoe. Create two circles that horizontally connect to the bottom of the leg. Saturate the circles with shading to get a dark shoe.
  • Then, draw a tiny square at the bottom of the shoe to represent SpongeBob’s heel.
  • Repeat with your other foot.


  • Draw from SpongeBob’s fingertips to his sleeve. Draw a small sleeve nearly the same size as the trouser’s bottom leg.
  • Make a horizontal curve away from the side of the head by drawing a line that touches the bottom wave of the head. To illustrate an arm, draw two vertical lines from the sleeve’s center to the waist. Next, make a 4-finger hand while keeping the sharp curve of each finger.
  • Repeat this for SpongeBob’s opposite side of the body.

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