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Everyone today is in dire need of the internet since most of our daily tasks are done online. So, when a guest comes home, the first thing they ask is the WiFi password. But giving WiFi passwords to everyone is neither feasible nor safe. Thus if you have a Netgear router installed at your home, then you are at an advantage. The Guest network can be enabled on the router and you can then give access to your home WiFi to any guest without any worries. To enable the Guest network, you need to access the Netgear Nighthawk router login page. In this article, you will get detailed instructions on how you can enable a Guest network on your Netgear router.

How to Enable Guest Network on Netgear Router?

The Netgear router Guest network allows your guests to have access to your home WiFi without using the security password. This feature by default is disabled on the Netgear routers. Use the instructions given ahead to get this feature enabled.

Step 1: Connect Router to Power Source

Be sure that the Netgear router is placed near the main gateway or the modem in your home. Connect the power adapter of your router to a well-active power source to apply power to it. Toggle the power button on the router. The lights on the router should turn solid after some time. In case the LEDs do not turn solid, power off and on the router once or check the power socket that you have used to apply power to the router. It should be free of damage.

Step 2: Establish Router-Modem Connection

The further step will be to form a connection between the Netgear router and the main gateway. Fetch an Ethernet cable and form a secure connection between the two devices. Ensure to use a cable that is in good condition. There ought to be no loose connection between the devices to avoid any issues later on.

A wireless connection can also made between the networking devices in the absence of an Ethernet cable. You need to place them in close proximity in case you choose this mode of connection. But since a wired connection is always reliable, we suggest using an Ethernet cable to connect the devices.

Step 3: Log In to Admin Panel

The next step is to log in to the admin panel of the Netgear router. So turn your computer on and load an internet browser. Ensure to use an updated browser to get the job executed. In the URL bar or the address bar of the browser, type the login web address which is or the default IP address without making any typing mistakes. Hitting the Enter key will be the next step after you have typed the URL. This will take you to the login page of the Netgear router.

You will see two empty fields into which you need to type the admin username and password. Use the default credentials if you never changed them and then click on the Log In button.

Step 4: Enable Guest Network

You are now logged into the admin dashboard of the Netgear router. Go to Settings of the router and select the option Guest Network. Now the Guest Network Settings page will open up. Here, select the check box next to Enable Guest Network and then customize the settings as per your requirements. Finally, click on Apply to save the changes done by you.

To Briefly Conclude

This brings an end to our informative guide on how to enable the Guest Network feature on a Netgear router. Now onward, without giving access to your main home network of yours, you can have your guest use the WiFi. You need not share the WiFi password with them. This will ensure the security of your home network.

Apart from this, you can update the firmware on your Netgear router to the latest version to add more security to the network. Not just enhanced security, you also add new features, fix bugs and improve the performance of your router with a firmware update. You simply need to access the Netgear router admin dashboard and then update the firmware on your router.

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