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During their studies, students perform various student work: essays, control, term papers, etc. To begin with, consider the abstract: the concept and rules for compiling.

The concept of abstract comes from the Latin word “refero” – to report or report. This work is a summary of the material. The abstract is a written work of students that addresses certain aspects of the chosen topic. Volume within twenty pages.

This type of work is divided into two types:
• Reproductive – reproduces the content of the original source in the form of an abstract or synopsis;
• Productive – including critical reflection and creativity.
This work outlines the main points and provisions of the topic. Students will demonstrate the ability to structure text logically and format it correctly.

The main requirement in the presentation of the topic is consistency and consistency. The text is divided into paragraphs. But if the text is too long, then the paragraphs are also broken into subparagraphs.
When preparing a paper, take into account and research literature sources on the topic to find answers. An easy way to find information is electronic resources. But it is not always possible to find what is required. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to use a college certificate for these purposes. After summarizing the sources, express your personal opinion on the topic. This will help the teacher to understand the mastery of the topic author. Summarize at the end of the work. These are not excerpts from textbooks and books, but the conclusions formulated by them.

The concept and rules of the abstract

When preparing an abstract, the student masters the skills of correct scientific presentation of the material. These skills will help the student later on when writing more complex research papers .
The text of the abstract should correspond to and disclose the chosen topic. The rationale is justified. The author expresses his personal opinion in the work.
The structure of the abstract includes:
• Introduction;
• Main part;
• Conclusion;
• Bibliography.

It is also possible to add applications. Keep in mind that headings should reflect the content of the paragraphs. In the introduction, it is necessary to indicate: the relevance of the topic, highlight the main goal, define tasks and outline the structure of the work. The volume of the introduction is one or two pages.

Links are added to the list of used sources. The list must contain at least 5 sources. Applications are added at will, these include tables, graphs, figures, tables, etc. Registration of the finished work according to the methodological recommendations and requirements of the teacher.

Refer to the sources of information used. It is not recommended to write in the first person, it is worth sticking to the scientific style. Undoubtedly, when writing an essay, the student not only gains new knowledge but also develops practical skills in analyzing information sources.
Types and characteristics of the abstract

During their studies, students perform many different tasks and jobs. Abstracts are among the most common. The abstract is a report on the chosen topic and contains information from sources and scientific literature. The types and characteristics of the abstract will be discussed below.

The content of the abstract should:

• Break the material into chapters and paragraphs;
• identify aspects of the problem;
• use the material for the chosen topic;
• group ideas of different authors;
• form conclusions by chapters and in the conclusion of the study;
• express personal attitude and position.

The work begins with the choice of a topic. Often teachers prepare a list of topics. First of all, when choosing, the personal interest of the student is taken into account. They also take into account the availability of information (availability of information). Then a research plan is drawn up, while it should be borne in mind that the sections should not repeat the wording of the topic.

When writing an essay or getting help from Essay Writing services Birmingham, sources of information are used, but preference is given to scientific literature.

Abstracts are of the following types:

Abstract – scheme – includes statements and arguments from the source.
Annotation – a summary – contains only the main points directly related to the chosen topic of the work.
Abstract – abstract – in such an abstract, different point of view on the topic of the work are considered.
It is carried out to consolidate theoretical knowledge and demonstrate the acquired knowledge.

To write a good paper, you must:

• correctly formulate the topic and find the necessary material;
• Select sources of information that reflect the essence of the topic;
• justify the choice of topic in the introduction;
• refer to the sources used;
• the presentation is logical and consistent;
• the literature used is not older than the last five years;
• registration of work according to methodological recommendations or GOSTs.

Remember that in the first place you write the essay not for the teacher, but for yourself. The ability to properly process information, structure, and systematize will come in handy in the future.


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