The Growing Trend of Non-invasive Treatments

Times have changed, and so has the perception of the public towards cosmetic procedures. A few years back, going under the knife was looked down upon. Celebrities and influencers who would get plastic surgery used to face backlash from people. However, people have now become more accepting of these modifications. A lot of people, both celebrities and common, visit Dubai to get plastic surgeries as the emirate has become a global hub for such procedures.

Having said that, the trend is now shifting towards non-invasive procedures. When you can get similar results without having to get a cut on your body and the resultant scar, why would go for a surgical procedure, right? These non-invasive procedures are now available almost all over the world, including Dubai, and attract a lot of people.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why these procedures are gaining rapid popularity:


First of all, non-surgical procedures do not take a long time. For example, a surgical body contouring procedure, such as liposuction or tummy tuck will take many hours. However, its non-invasive variant CoolSculpting Dubai takes somewhere between 35 to 60 minutes.

Depending on the procedure you are getting, you can get free from the clinic within a matter of a few hours. In some procedures, the time taken is less than one hour.

However, you must know that more than one session of non-invasive procedures is required in the case of non-invasive procedures. The number of sessions also depends on the selected procedure.

No Incisions and No Scars

One of the major benefits and the reasons for their growing popularity is that non-invasive procedures do not require any incision. Therefore, there’s no scar on the body, as is the case with a tummy tuck or liposuction. 


Many believe that non-surgical procedures are not very effective. Their results vanish after a passage of time. This, however, is nothing more than a misconception. These procedures happen to be quite effective.

Having said that, you must follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain the results. And this is something you need to do even after getting surgical procedures. For example, if you do not maintain a healthier lifestyle after getting liposuction, the fat will come back after some time. The same is the case with non-surgical procedures, such as CoolSculpting. 

No Downtime

Surgical procedures require lengthy downtime. You will have to miss work for quite a few days after getting the surgery. And if it’s an extensive surgery like breast augmentation, the downtime can last for a few weeks. Since the targeted area will be covered with bandages, you will be able to perform your routine activities with ease, let alone attend work.

With non-invasive procedures, there’s hardly any downtime. At max, the patient feels some discomfort or mild pain during and after the procedure. However, it subsides on its own in most cases. And they can head back to work or complete their routine activities without any issues. But in some cases, the doctor may advise patients to follow some post-procedure guidelines for quick recovery. 

Comparatively Inexpensive

Surgical procedures are quite expensive. And most of them aren’t covered by insurance providers as well. So, unless you are getting corrective surgery that’s needed after an accident or for medical reasons, such as breast augmentation in Dubai after cancer, be prepared to burn a hole in your pockets.

Non-surgical procedures, on the other hand, tend to be quite budget-friendly. However, bear in mind that the price varies from treatment to treatment. So, you must do your due diligence and find out about the prices before getting them. Also, different clinics have set different prices for non-invasive procedures.

Having said that, price shouldn’t be the sole factor you must consider when selecting a clinic. You should take into account its reputation, quality of services, and availability of specialists before selecting it. Whether you are getting CoolSculpting or any other procedure, it’s important that you account for all these factors discussed above.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, surgical procedures also have their pros. They offer lasting results, can make significant changes to your body, and are effective as well. However, it’s safe to say that the popularity of non-invasive procedures has surpassed them. People now opt for these procedures because they get the desired results without having a scar on their bodies.

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