Water melons

As soon as the summer season starts, the demand for watermelon increases in the markets. If seen, watermelon is the main crop of the Zaid season, which can be easily cultivated from the plains to the banks of the rivers. These crops can be grown in less time, with fewer fertilizers and less water. Due to its easy cultivation and good market price, watermelon farming is becoming increasingly popular among farmers. Also, the raw fruits of watermelon are used as a vegetable. 

Watermelon Farming Process Explained

This blog post describes the complete process of watermelon farming, including planting, caring and harvesting operations. Also, we will explain the yield and profits from watermelon farming. 

Season For Watermelon Farming 

Watermelon is cultivated in the summer season as a long-season crop. As the summer progresses, the arrival of watermelons in the markets increases. Seeds are sown in the month of January to February for watermelon farming. As a result, it takes 5 to 6 months to get production from its cultivation. The watermelon crop planted between January-February starts yielding at the beginning of May. Hence, farmer brothers can earn well by producing more than watermelon cultivation, keeping in mind the knowledge of good varieties of seeds and proper time of sowing on the basis of soil, climate and weather of their area.

Watermelon Farming Suitable Soil 

In general, watermelon is cultivated from the plains to the banks of rivers. A rich, organic sandy soil is required for watermelon farming. In its cultivation, the pH value of the land should be between 6.5 to 7.5. If you cultivate it on this type of land, you can use Birla tractor tyres for high grip. Apart from this, if you do not have land with cultivable soil of watermelon and you want to cultivate it on any other type of land, then first get the soil of the land tested and check the organic matter and nutrients present in the soil. After this, according to the investigation report, make the land cultivable by using manure, fertilizers and other nutrients to overcome the deficient nutrients in the soil.

Amount Of Seeds And Sowing Method For Watermelon Farming 

For watermelon cultivation, seeds of improved varieties like Asahi-Yamato, Sugar Baby and New Hampshire Midget should be used. Moreover, keep a row-to-row distance of 1.5 to 2.0 meters and a 30 cm distance between plants while sowing seeds. Moreover, sowing 2 to 3 seeds should be done at a 30 to 45 cm distance on both sides of the drain at 4 to 5 cm of depth. Before sowing its seeds in the field, seeds should be treated with Banlet or Bavistin at 2.5 grams per kg to protect them from pests and diseases. About 3 to 4 kg of seed quantity per hectare is sufficient in a watermelon field.

Irrigation Requirements In Watermelon Farming

Watermelon is the crop of the Zaid season. Its crop does not require special irrigation in the beginning, but as the summer progresses, its plants have to be irrigated a little more than other crops. For good production from its cultivation, its crop should be done after 5 to 7 days in summer. Apart from this, we should not cultivate watermelons in areas that lack a proper irrigation system, and farmers can trust CEAT tractor tyres for operating a tractor in the wet field with a reasonable CEAT tractor tyre price in India. If planted, drip and sprinkler irrigation should be arranged in the fields to give good irrigation to the crop.

Plant Caring In Watermelon Farming 

Watermelon crops are planted commercially by the farmers. But sometimes, due to excessive moisture and proper temperature, outbreaks of pests and diseases are seen in its crop. Due to this, the crop has a lot of damage, and the yield is also affected. In such a situation, if the farmer brothers control the pests and diseases by paying timely attention to the crops, then their crops can be saved from the damage caused by pests and diseases. 

All these plant-sucking insects suck the sap of the leaves of the plant, due to which the growth of the plant stops. Therefore, 5 ml neem oil mixed with one-liter water should be sprayed on the crops for the prevention of this pest. Also, Thiamethoxam 25% WG should be used in case of heavy infestation. Spraying should be done by dissolving 1 gram of medicine in 2 liters of water. Apart from this, 2 ml. Fipronil 5 sc mixed with one-liter water should be used as a medicine spray. 

Weeding Process In Watermelon Farming

It is very important to keep the watermelon crop free from weeds because its crop develops only on the surface of the ground. If there are more weeds in its fields, then its fruits get hidden in the weeds, due to which the fruits can become prone to insects. Hence, its fields should be kept weed-free by weeding occasionally. In watermelon farming, the first weeding should be done after 25 to 30 days of sowing seeds, and it requires 3 to 4 weeding.

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