Private Night Safari
private night safari is one of the worth exploring desert experiences, which helps enjoy its nightlife. Dubai tickets to enjoy trip with friends or family.

Desert life has always been a curious case for human beings. It is now associated with a fun and exciting day away from the busy city life. However, you should not restrict your desert exploration and experience to daytime only.

The private night safari is one of the worth exploring desert experiences, which helps enjoy its nightlife. It offers various desert activities and experiences which are all worth exploring. You can take a trip with friends or family to recharge yourself.

Keep scrolling down into the details of this article to learn and explore why you must explore private night safari and plan a trip with friends or family for a weekend break.

Top 6 Highlights of Private Night Safari

When it comes to desert safari, most people only think of dune bashing and quad bike riding during the day. The private night safari offers a remarkable desert life experience you should never miss.

Here are the most notable highlights of private night safari Dubai you should never miss, and plan your visit immediately.

1. Night Desert Drive

Night desert drive is the first and foremost highlight of the private night safari you should never miss out on. Day desert life and night desert life are totally different experiences, and both are worth exploring. The desert is cooler and calmer at night, which makes the drive even more soothing and enjoyable. You can enjoy heritage safari by vintage land rover with overnight, which will be a memorable experience for life. Most people book Dubai tickets online and opt for weekday plans to enjoy less crowded private night safaris and cherish their leisure time.

2. Nocturnal Eco-Walk

The nocturnal eco walk is the next notable highlight of the private night safari you should explore. Not all creatures work during the day and rest during the night. Some have opposite cycles, like bats and owls. Such species are called nocturnal. Their populations have decreased significantly in the cities due to urban development; however, they are abundant in the desert. The nocturnal eco walk will help you spot and explore such species and learn more interesting facts about their existence and purpose. It will be an informative session you should not miss.

3. Royal Desert Grounds

Royal desert grounds are another major highlight of the private night safari experience. It serves as an oasis in the middle of the lifeless desert, which makes it a wonder of its own. You can explore the royal desert garden and learn the history of development, which is anything but boring. You can explore the plantation and enjoy the atmosphere and the cold breeze. It offers the perfect setting to sit for hours, do nothing and just relax. You can cherish your childhood memories with your friends and family. You can even plan your future in a peaceful setting if you wish so.

4. Three-Course Dinner

Three-course dinner is the next major highlight of the private night safari you can look forward to. After a desert ride and walk, you must be hungry enough to devour a delicious meal. The private night safari will offer you a traditional three-course dinner. It is prepared by an onsite chef using freshly sourced ingredients. The authorities can accommodate vegan, non-vegan, and gluten-free meals. You must inform authorities if you have any allergies at the time of booking to avoid any unfortunate incident. The dinner will include Emirati dishes, so stay prepared for a new experience.

5. Aromatic Shisha Pipes

Aromatic shisha pipes are another notable highlight of the private night safari experience. You can enjoy the smoke-flavored and other shisha pipes in the traditional Bedouin camps. It will offer you insights into the traditional smoking habits of the older generations, though it is a modification. However, there is no compulsion if you are not a shisha lover. You can resort to discovering the local and traditional teas which offer numerous health benefits. Above all, you can enjoy the setup and spend quality time with friends and family to unwind and relax.

6. Stargazing with Professional Astronomer

Stargazing with a professional astronomer is the last and hard-to-resist highlight of the private night safari. The desert sky is clearer during the night, and you can watch the starry sky clearly with the naked eye. It is not enough from any aspect, so you will have the leisure of using a professional astronomer to watch the galaxies and learn interesting stories. You can even learn stories of older generations who used to find directions by spotting the stars. It will be the most informative and entertaining experience of your life. Grab Dubai tickets online and prepare to stargaze and enjoy a private night safari.

Are you excited for a private night safari?

If yes, do not forget to book your trip in advance to avoid any hassle or refusals after reaching the venue. You can opt for weekday plans to enjoy the experience and explore the desert with fewer crowds. Grab your tickets for evening desert safari Dubai and prepare for the ultimate enjoyment.

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