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With the advent of modern technology, people are shifting towards streaming platforms for their entertainment. Among the many options available, YouTube TV stands out as a platform that offers more than 85 channels of sports, entertainment, news, and lifestyle, all packed into one. In this blog post, we will discuss YouTube TV in detail and how to activate it through tv/start.

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Features of YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a popular streaming platform that offers many features to its users. One of its outstanding features is unlimited cloud DVR recording that no other OTT platforms currently offer. You can store your favorite content on the cloud for nine months and watch it whenever you want. The service also provides YouTube premium, which opens the door to innumerable benefits that do not apply to unsubscribed users. YouTube Premium members also enjoy YouTube Music as a part of their subscription pack. You will get several advantages of ad-free streaming, background playback, offline availability of videos, and access to YouTube originals like Cobra Kai.

Activating YouTube TV

To activate YouTube TV, you can visit or tv/start and get a free 7/14-day trial. After the trial, you need to subscribe at around $64.99 per month for the uninterrupted streaming experience. You can also activate YouTube TV on Roku devices by following these steps:

  1. Sign in with your Google account. If no account exists, You must create one.
  2. Allow the permissions asked like location access etc. They help YouTube TV to curate content based on your preferences and viewing history.
  3. Choose from a list of channels available for you. You can also subscribe to additional channels by paying an extra amount.
  4. Confirm your wishlist, and you are all set.

You can also activate YouTube TV on smart TVs by opening the YouTube TV app and logging in with your Google account. Then, go to on your mobile or laptop device and enter the code shown on your Smart TV or Roku screen, by signing in with the Google account associated with your YouTube TV subscription.

YouTube TV Channels and Add-ons

YouTube TV offers some cable network channels, channels from local networks, and original content from YouTube Red. It offers quite a variety of channels for its users, including 24-hour news networks like CNN, BBC World, FOX news, etc.; sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBA tv; children-specific channels of Disney, CN, etc.; informative channels like Discovery, Animal Planet, and many more. YouTube TV also offers local network channels for an area, and the Live Tab shows what content is currently streaming and what is next in the list. As far as add-ons are considered, YouTube TV comes up with Channels like AMC for $5/month, Showtime for $7/month, Fox Soccer Plus for $15/ month, Curiosity TV for $3 per month, and many sports add-ons as well.


In conclusion, YouTube TV is an excellent platform to watch your favorite shows, movies, and sports. It offers a wide range of channels and add-ons to cater to the needs of its users. With unlimited cloud DVR storage and YouTube premium, it sets itself apart from other OTT platforms. You can activate it on various devices like Roku, smart TVs, etc., and enjoy uninterrupted streaming. So what are you waiting for? Try YouTube TV today and experience the world of entertainment like never before!

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